Annual members can check out bikes nationwide!

Annual membership to FW B-Cycle is valid in many other B-Cycle cities. Usage fees still apply and may differ from one city to the next.

How it works:

1. Bring your B-Card and credit card that is linked to your annual membership to another city that is part of B-Connected.

2. On your first visit to a station in that city, visit the kiosk and select “No” or "Member" or "I have a pass" on the screen which asks if you would like to purchase 24-hour Access. Swipe your credit card associated with your account. Accept the user agreement for that city’s system.

3. Voila! – You are ready to ride a B-Cycle in that city!

4. All subsequent checkouts in that city can be done using your B-Card at the dock, just as you do in your home city.

5. This process will need to be done the first time you visit a new B-Connected city.

Participating Cities:

Fort Worth, TX

Austin, TX (Austin B-Cycle)

San Antonio, TX (San Antonio B-Cycle)

Houston, TX (Houston B-Cycle)

El Paso, TX (SunCycle Bike Share)

McAllen, TX (McAllen B-Cycle)

Denver, CO (Denver B-Cycle)

Boulder, CO (Boulder B-Cycle)

Salt Lake City, UT (Greenbike SLC)

Ann Arbor, MI (ArborBike)

Cincinnati, OH (Cincy Red Bike)

Dayton, OH (Link Dayton Bike Share)

Charlotte, NC (Charlotte B-Cycle)

Nashville, TN (Nashville B-Cycle)

Kansas City, MO (Kansas City B-Cycle)

Indianapolis, IN (Pacers Bikeshare)

Omaha, NE (Heartland B-Cycle)

Des Moines, IA (Des Moines B-Cycle)

Rapid City, SD (Rapid City B-Cycle)

Fargo, ND (Great Rides Bike Share)

Greenville, SC (Greenville B-Cycle)

Spartanburg, SC (Spartanburg B-Cycle)

Savannah, GA (CAT Bike)

Evans, GA (Columbia County B-Cycle)


B-Cycle systems not taking part in B-Connected: Dallas (Fair Park); Philadelphia, PA; Milwaukee, WI; Madison, WI; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Santiago, Chile