Frequently Asked Questions


What is bike sharing?

Bike sharing is a new way of getting around Central Fort Worth. It’s affordable, clean, and simple. It’s good for your health, your pocket, and our environment.

Bike sharing is a system of bicycles available for checkout from a network of bike stations located within a few blocks of one another. As a bike-sharing member, you can unlock any of the specially designed bikes at any station and ride it to any other bike station. Fast, simple, inexpensive. 

What is B-Cycle?

B-Cycle is a next-next-generation bike-sharing program. It is a zero-hassle, zero-emissions way to get around town. It’s a bike-sharing program that meets the transportation, health, and environmental needs of our communities. It’s free and spontaneous, but also practical.

B-Cycle is the only bike-sharing program that measures the actual distance traveled on each ride and keeps track of the calories you’ve burned and the carbon emissions you’ve prevented. All this information is available on your personal B-Cycle web page.

B-Cycle, LLC, based in Waterloo, Wis., provided the equipment, software, and branding to Fort Worth Bike Sharing. 

What are the bikes like?

Imagine a bike that is always ready to ride, where and when you want to ride it. The tires are always inflated and the chain is never rusty. A bike that’s there whenever you need it, and gone when you don’t. That’s a B-Cycle. And it’s powered by the ultimate alternative fuel: you.

Other features:

  • 3-speeds 
  • easily adjustable seat that can fit riders from 5' to 6'4"
  • front basket (sometimes a rear pannier too)
  • front and rear lights that are always on when in use
  • easy step through frame, so no need to swing your leg over the seat
  • fenders and chain guards to keep your clothes clean
  • an on-board lock if you need to make a quick stop into a store or coffeeshop


Can I become a B-cycle member if I don’t have a credit card?

B-cycle requires that all accounts be associated with a credit card. 

Can I buy a membership for someone as a gift?

Yes, we sell gift cards containing a promotional code the gift receiver enters on a registration page to partially or fully offset the cost of a membership. The person receiving the gift card must also register a credit card to cover usage fees and other possible fees. Click HERE to purchase. 


How do I renew my membership?

Log in to your account and click Renew on the top right hand corner. Contact us if you'd like to upgrade from a shorter membership to a longer one.

Will I still be able to access my personal B-Cycle web page after my membership period ends?

Personal web pages remain “live” for three years after the lapse of membership. 

What should I do if I’ve lost my B-Card?

Call Customer Service (817-348-0084) immediately so that we can suspend the card and prevent anyone else from using your card to gain access to a bicycle for which you are financially responsible.

A replacement card will be provided for a $5 fee.

While waiting for your replacement B-Card to arrive, you can check out bikes by using the kiosk at each station. You must present the credit card associated with your membership account. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Membership fees are non-refundable, but if you wish to suspend your account to prevent any new usage fees, call Customer Service at 817-348-0084.

How do I change or update my credit card information?

Members can change their credit card information by logging into their personal B-Cycle web page and managing their account settings.

When does my membership period begin?

Membership periods begin the first time a bike is checked out or 30 days following registration - whichever comes first. 


Does B-Cycle provide helmets for riders?

No. It is the responsibility of the rider to supply his or her own helmet. 

How do I know if I returned a bike successfully?

Be sure to push the B-Cycle in all the way when returning it to a dock. You should hear three beeps or see three blinking lights. If you signed up for text messages, you will receive a confirmation text.

If you are unsure if your bike was correctly docked, please call 817-348-0084 to confirm.

If you are unable to check out another bike, this may indicate that the last bike was unsuccessfully docked - either it was not pushed in all the way or there were technical difficulties. Call 817-348-0084 to resolve the issue.

Can minors participate in B-cycle?

Fort Worth B-Cycle is for riders 18 and up. Operation of Bike by a person under the age of 16 years is not permitted in any circumstance.  Operation by a person age 16 or 17 is permitted provided acceptance of this agreement by that person’s legal parent of guardian.

What if a station is full and I need to find an empty dock to return a bike?

If you have a bike you wish to return, but there are no available docks at a station, you must locate a station with available docks and return the bike there. The kiosk located at each station will provide real-time information about which nearby stations have available docks. The kiosks at full stations will also add 15 free minutes to your ride so that you can take the bike to an open station without financial penalty. Simply go up to the kiosk at the full station, select More Options, and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can always check real-time dock and bike availability on the B-Cycle Now app available on iPhone and Android.

What if a station is empty, but I want to check out a bike?

You can always check real-time dock and bike availability for nearby stations at on the B-Cycle Now app available on iPhone and Android.

What if I want to keep a bike all day or longer?

B-Cycle is a bike-sharing system designed to promote the constant use and turnover of bikes for short journeys. The pricing system provides incentives for members to keep their trips short. The longer the trip, the higher the usage fee. Bikes not returned within a 24 hours will be considered lost and members will be liable for a replacement fee.

For a longer, continuous bike riding, we recommend looking up area bike shops for rental information.