All passes include unlimited one-hour rides.
Day Pass- $8 
Explorer Pass (Monthly)- $20   
Semester- $50
Student, Senior (65 +) & Military Annual- $65  (Call 817-348-0084 or email to get discount)
Annual- $100 
Dollar amounts do not include tax.
FWBS reserves a $26 per bike pre-authorization temporary hold on your card to ensure the system is used correctly. The hold will drop in 2-5 business days once all appropriate charges have cleared. The pre-authorization release time differs depending on your bank. Check with your bank for more details.
What Costs Extra?
To avoid extra costs, return bike to any station within an hour. Once returned, check out again and continue for another hour. Ride, return & repeat!
If you do not return bike within one hour, you will be charged $4 extra every hour after the first.
Dollar amounts do not include tax.
Additional Fees
BCycle Card- $5 (optional) 
BCycle Key Replacement- $10
Max Overtime Fees Per Calendar Day- $36
Regular Bike Replacement- $1118/Electric Assist Bike Replacement - $2100


Annual, semester and monthly members can use BCards to check out bikes right from the dock! $5 charge per card. 

Other BCycle Cities

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Pedal Perks

Show proof of your membership at local businesses to redeem discounts.