Attempt to ride to and dock at all 46 stations in one day and join an elite group.


Finishers receive:

– a free, special-edition t-shirt

– A giant sense of accomplishment

– a self-guided tour of Central Fort Worth


- Stay hydrated and take breaks.

– Plan your route ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss any stations and have to back track.

– If a station is marked as out-of-order, skip it. You’ll still get credit for completing the Tour.

– Take photos along the way – it’s not necessary for us to track your trips, we just like to share them.

– Tag us on Facebook and Instagram at @fwbikesharing.

-It’s about 40 miles, which we do not recommend people ride continuously on our bikes. But if you rest at each station and stop for lunch, it can make for a fun afternoon.

-It can take between 5-8 hours to complete.

Good to Know:

- If you're completing the tour with a group, only one person needs to dock their bike at each station. We will adjust ride times after completion so no one will get overage charges.

- You do not have to start and end at the same station.

-Call us at 817-348-0043 or email us at after you finish the tour so we can get you your t-shirt and get your photo on social media.

Finishers: Jonathan Marut, Travis Pollan (2X), Scott Casey, Glenn Jensen, Aaron Nichols, Cisco Tobar, Rick Mills, Michael O’Brien, Arlie Johnson, Tommy Simmons, Dave Matthews, Brian Ketcham (3X), Magen Rabatin (2X), Ryan Johnson, Janie Johnson, Chris Johnson, Vena Leatherwood, Tom Ames, Curtis Wiseman, Christy Yorek, Mike Schadauer, Carol Wilson (2X), Mike Davis, Tracey Dommert Lindsey, Chuck Bouligny, Tim Halden (4X), Nick Olivier (2X), Jason Eggenburger, Merryl Barker, Tucker Mullens, Todd McCann, Callen Miller, Natosha Monroe, Madison Houge, Raymond Davila, Nathan Doran, Colin Kading, William Steffacin, Mary Baldwin, Leslie Ayres, Brendan Bosko, Christina Bosko, Anne Zadeh, Jim Zadeh, Donna Smith, Mike Brennan, LD Carroll, Kristen Camareno, Jessica Anderson, Gannon Gries, Jean Cosgrove, Rick Camareno, Mark Troxler (2X), Bryan Hardy, Durango Ruiz, Sarah Lutz, Brian Dufresne, Kenn Scott, Susan Brechting Kiehl, Steffany Olsen Jay, Valerie Jay, Ashley Davidson, Cole Sheriff, Alisa Gattis, Desiree James, Lynn Shelton, Ethan Kuhleman, Jon Wilcox, Myla Johnson, Tara Sullivan, Steve Burdick (2X) and John Hatler.